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    convert .ARW to DNG, CR2, NEF or CRW for load in deep sky stacker

    dasselp91891949 Level 1



      thats the environment:


      Win 7

      Lightroom 4.4

      Camera Raw: 7.4


      Camera Model: Sony Nex 6

      Raw Format of Camera: ARW


      I want to use the Programm deep sky stacker for my Sony-Raws. Unfortunally this prog only read DNG, CR2, NEF or CRW-Raws.

      With Lightroom its possible convert ARW into DNG with the import/export function.

      But if i open the converted file in deep sky stacker, i became this picture (the original is above, the converted below):


      This is the converted one (i increased the brightness, so you can better see what happend)