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    Licensing error in ADE v2 and 3 when downloading books sold through a vendor


      I am trying to download books I have purchased from an online supplier.  I am using ADE v 3 through a networked PC with IE11, Windows 7 and a web filter and firewall.  Whenever I try to download the books I get an error:

      My IT department has run an online activity monitor and there is no traffic through the web filter when I try to download the books.  I have authorized my computer with an Adobe ID.  They did eventually manage to get a few of the files downloaded and added to my Library by saving the ascm file onto my desktop and just keep trying to add it to the library but is there any way to make this work consistently?  I had ADE v2 but couldn't even get my computer authorized and the only other solution in an online search was to use a much older version of ADE, which doesn't seem terribly useful.  It isn't related to my permissions on my PC either because when they log in as admins the get the exact same problem.  The computer randomly authorizes my account but will only work once and I have over a dozen files to download and keep having to ask the vendor to reactivate my access every time it fails.


      Thanks for any ideas.