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    Error after compile Flex app with the automation package

      We are using Flex 3.2.0, IE7 and QTP9.5.

      We followed the instrucation on http://www.adobe.com/support/documentation/en/flex/3/releasenotes_flex3_fb.html. and include automation.swc, automation_agent.swc, and qtp.swc.

      However, after that, when we click a menu item, we get a pop up error saying:

      Error: null
      at mx.automation.qtp::QTPEnvironment/getAutomationClassByInstance()
      at mx.automation.delegates.controls::ListBaseAutomationImpl/recordListItemSelectEvent()
      at mx.automation.delegates.controls::ListBaseAutomationImpl/mouseClickHandler()

      Does anyone have any clue what this error mean and how to solve it?