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    Change Arrow Color of Combos and MenuBars

      I have several combo boxes and a menubar with a dropdown at the top of the page. The client wants the menu and the buttons to be black and the "down" arrows on the combos to be white. Also, the drop down menubar at the top has multiple choices within that have black arrows that also need to be white.

      I can't seem to find a property that would manipulate the color of these arrows. I have also used the Flex Style Explorer and nothing there seems to indicate how to do it either. Is this possible?
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          phillipus_rex Level 1

          I found that there was a property called "iconColor" that will change the combo box arrow. However, there doesn't seem to be one for the dropdown MenuBar component. If anyone knows how to do this I would greatly appreciate it.

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            CalebWinslow Level 1

            From what I can gather looking at the source for the Flex components, this is not a style that is settable using a normal style property. However, there is a way to get at the button.


            If you look at the code for a combo box, you'll see that it's based on the ComboBase class. Inside this class is where the button for the drop down really lives, an mx_internal variable called: downArrowButton:Button. To access it, you can create a class that subclasses the Combo Box class, (you might have to put a "using namespace mx_internal;" in the import section of your class), then access the button directly as:




            From there, you should be able to do whatever you want to with the button's style properties. I hope that helps!



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              Rodrigo Barrocal

              Set a Style like:


              branch-icon: Embed(source="/assets/mybranhicon.png");


              For menu works fine.