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    Question About Creative Cloud Subscription For Life


      Is there any legal options toward Adobe available to force them to allow CC subscribers to keep a working copy of the executables after their subscription expires. Many of us have a lot of work invested in OUR end products we build using their tools. I realize Adobe has the upper hand with the licensure in hand, but judges do decide issues based on the practically of the situation. It seems the subscription model hooks an individual into having a Creative Cloud subscription essentially for life, then open source solutions in the future are the best viable solution for developers. I feel, and I would like to convince a judge somewhere, that the subscription model is an unfair business practices causing harm to users if they cannot renew a subscription that was entered into on a promotional offer, or you could say "the hook", with the "reel in" being renewal time. many of use cannot afford to lose a years worth of work.


      It's us, the developers that need to move away from Adobe and other software companies that believe they can get away with this type of bullying. Software is software, and there is nothing Adobe's developers do that other developers, over time, can't reproduce and provide the productivity tools in the open source world. some of these products were developed by smaller companies and were swallowed up.  I'm willing to lead a movement toward moving these production to an open source world. Obviously it will take time, but it needs to be started now, and we will get there. In my opinion, Adobe has a lot of gall to force subscription only offers on use. The way the individual produces are priced, Adobe pretty much forces developers to go with CC, even though most of us only use two or three of the products.


      My subscription ends in March of this year. I am on disability from my career and residing in a skilled nursing facility. I am also a full-time student in college. I use CC both for school and, as the President of the Resident Council at the nursing home, I use a couple of the tools. I will begin to convert as many of my files to a format compatible with open source software and leave Adobe behind me forever.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I did not see anything in the way of a question in your posting other than maybe the first sentence, which neglected to punctuate to that end.  You are certainly able to pursue the matter in a court of law, though I doubt you would get very far since the license you agree to when subscribing is probably well-crafted with all kinds of legal considerations.  That you should fall victim to what you refer to using the terms "hook" and "reel", meaning you get enticed to buying a product and then feel victimized when you are not given special benefit to continue using it, is a normal reaction in a culture of entitlement.  However, such a culture is a fabrication.   The reality is that Adobe is serving a professional marketplace, and it is unfortunate that they choose not to support the onesy twosey market that does not require keeping up with the latest innovations with special provisions.  In the professional marketplace their current subscription model provides a cost efficient product to their customers.  For those who are not served by this model the choices are simpler... either settle for using older tools or find others.