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    Disable Render Log?


      Is there a way to disable the render log that is created when rendering out a video?

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Here's a question in return: Why would you want to do that?


          Render logs take up only a tiny amount of storage.

          Disabling them doesn't increase AE speed.

          They're a helpful diagnostic tool if something goes wrong.

          Your project is completed trouble-free?  Drag 'em in the trash.  Takes 2 seconds.


          I just don't understand why you think they're so bad.

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            butler Level 1

            1 less clutter in my project folder. 2 when I have multiple AE files in the same folder I get a new folder and file for each instance. 3 I've been using AE for almost 10 years and in that time I can't think of one instance I have ever used the log file.

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              Well, honestly, it's not a performance issue, but more of a clutter-free environment one. I never know what to do with these files, really, since I make tiny animation renders and they're always happen to be fine. Not everyone makes movies out of AE

              But hey, if someone could answer the question, that'd be great, because this "issue" is really poorly documented, and AE preferences seem to be avoiding the subject.

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                Not answered yet?


                In CS6, "Log: Error only" does create log file only when error occurred, so it didn't matter .

                In CC, It keeps creating log file for each AEP file when you render something. And i keep doing Increment & Save to keep track progress and backup.


                Imagine this on your project folder.

                ProjectA.aep Logs

                ProjectA 2.aep Logs

                ProjectA 3.aep Logs

                ProjectA 4.aep Logs

                ProjectA 5.aep Logs

                ProjectA 6.aep Logs

                ProjectA 7.aep Logs

                ProjectA 8.aep Logs

                ProjectA 9.aep Logs

                Come on, there no workaround to turn off this tiny-yet-annoying log file??

                At least!!! At leaassstttt, keep those log files somewhere in C where i don't see them. That's better.

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                  butler Level 1

                  I'm so glad other people experience the same frustration with these log files and folders.

                  Now if we could only get a possible way end the logs.

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                    JetSzz Level 1

                    Yes, it is very annoying..


                    Well i guess until Adobe itself fix this issue, no luck for turning that ******* log files.

                    For now, every period of time, i'll just search for ".aep Logs" from the hard drive and delete them all.

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                      I'm in the same boat.  I have it set to output on error only but now I get log files dumped in my folder with all my saves.   It just hurts my eyes to try to filter out all the log folders and find the composite I'm looking for.   I'm in the same boat as above, I don't want or use the logs, and if I did I could turn it on.  At the least, have it dump into a big log folder I can go to in the event of an issue.   I swear this is new, I don't remember it doing this a few versions ago.  I hope it gets changed/fixed soon.

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                        So annoying - everytime I render the folder turns into a mess and I have to clear it out before sending to coworkers. Either let me turn this feature on/off as I need it, or let me specify where they go. Traditional Adobe.

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                          In our location our studio works with ever-changing projects, renaming a project for every minor version so we can always fall back.  But really, it can't be that difficult to have the application NOT do something.

                          In our version of AE CC, in the output queue it has the drop-down for LOG, with the options:

                          • Errors only
                          • Plus Settings
                          • Plus Per Frame Info


                          I wouldn't think it's a feat of programming to add a very sensible option:

                          • Nothing


                          We've also been using this for years and have yet to ever need to use them.  If we have a problem we can always turn it on to troubleshoot.




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                            PGH4LYF Level 1

                            Totally agree, and it should be an opt-in setting for super-technical users. I've never in my life seen anyone use a render log for anything. And it's 100% annoying to see that folder every time.

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                              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              Before this thread gets locked for some argy bargy going on, if you would like to see an AE behavior change, please file a feature request.