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    Gradient disappearing from InDesign CS4 when exporting to PDF


      My first question ever on this forum, so I will try to follow proper protocol.


      I'm using Indesign CS4 in a windows environment.  Have a simple file that I'm trying to export as a PDF, and have done so many times before with no problem.


      However now I'm getting the gradient image itself disappearing from the exported PDF.  I do not know what settings I could have changed to cause the problem and it has never shown up before.  Here is what I see in ID prior to export, and the exported result.  Using the basic export settings for a PDF 1.8.  Original image is in CMYK and has a CMYK blue rectangle sitting on the bottom section with a basic 90 degree gradient from the top. 



      The strange part is that the original image has no gradient or feathering in it, just a full color solid image.  So it is exporting the gradient of the blue rectangle to create a fade, there is just no blue.


      So confused.