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    Netrender optimization




      I have some trouble with my net render setup. I have 15 i7 Win7 Renderengines (CC2014) with a data server in my render net. Automatic Watchfolder on startup works fine.


      I need to render 18 sequences (15k frames) to split up my 6 Highresolution 3D Rendering sequences for a multi-screen. All files are stored on the data server and will be rendered to the data server.


      When I collect files on my workstation (i7 Win7  CC2015) it last for about 20 minutes (before collect dialog appears), even if I only want to collect the project file for my watchfolder.

      Is there any way to tell After Effects not scan each file in my input sequences? I just want to store the project file with the watchfolder flag, all files are linked properly and reachable for the render nodes.

      That really shouldn't last so long.


      Additionally if I setup all 18 seqeunces at once and increase the maximum number of computers for the job to 15 I get dropped frames and quite slow rendering.


      So tried to collect them at once and change settings from mulit machine to single machine, so each render node should pick one sequence to render, it seems not all nodes are getting a job, even if there are more compositions to render then render engines.


      My last try is to split up the 18 render jobs to 3 times 6 with a maximum of 5 computers, and there the annoying long lasting file collect becomes my problem, because I'll heve to do it 3 times for each split up.

      I have 8 different 3D renderings, so 8 times 3 times 20 minutes equals a huge amount of time just for starting simple net render.


      Is there any smart workaround for this? I really yearn for the times when I complain about Backburner to be buggy ****, compared to After Effects Netrender options it is an outstanding tool.


      Kind regards