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    Motion tween disappears




      I created a motion tween followed by a classic tween straight after. I want the symbols at the end of the motion tween to stay where they are followed by the classic tween however when i do the "Actions" layer and enter "stop();" it stops the whole thing so the classic tween doesn't play! Does anyone know how i can freeze the motion tween instead of stopping it altogether.





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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          Are these two tweens in the same layer or in separate layers? Where did you place the stop(); command? You say in the Actions layer. Is this a separate layer? Did you place the command in the keyframe at frame 1 or did you place a new keyframe further on in the timeline?

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            sarahh86788326 Level 1

            they are in separate layers! i went to windows>code snippets> action scrip then pressed stop and a new layer called actions was added. I placed it on further down the timeline where I wanted it to freeze

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              robdillon Most Valuable Participant

              If everything is positioned on the main timeline then the play head will stop when it hits the stop(); command. If you have an tween in one layer from frame 1 to frame 10 and then a different tween from frame 11 to frame 20 and you put the stop at frame 15 then you will only see half of the second tween.

              If the problem is that you want the object that was tweened in the first layer from frames 1 to 10 to continue to show on the stage through frame 20, then you need to extend the frames in that layer out to frame 20.


              Does any of that describe what's going on?

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