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    Lightroom suddenly stopped importing photos


      I can't get Lightroom to import all of my photos anymore. I was importing 200 photos off my memory card, and all but the last 10 photos imported. I tried to import them again, but got an error message stating that no photos were found. I was able to successfully import them onto my computer without using Lightroom, but when I tried to import them into Lightroom from the files within my computer, Lightroom gave me the same error message that no photos were found.


      I thought perhaps my memory card was corrupted (especially because my camera often doesn't recognize that there is a card in it when in fact it is), so I bought a new one. I tried to import new photos into Lightroom and it only imported half of the photos at which point the progress bar froze halfway across. I left it for hours, and was able to cancel it. Additional attempts to import have given me the same results.


      Here is additional information:

      Canon 60D (multiple lenses)

      Lightroom 5.7

      Windows 10


      And I have tried rebooting.


      I haven't been able to find any information through my searches and would appreciate any suggestions and advice. Thanks!