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    Hello, I am interested in digit art so i bought Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 along with a new computer. When I finally installed the program I discovered that i cannot open/ see a file when i open photoshop elements. i am very new


      Hello, I am someone who is interested in doing digital art. Recently I bought a new computer and Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 to start doing so, but I discovered a problem. Every time I open Photoshop Elements I can't see the file I tried to open. I am very new about computers so I am not sure what is going on.I have been looking over the internet to found out but could not find a solution. Both my computer and software are compatible with each other; even the graphic driver is supported; so I am not sure what to do. I noticed in the Photoshop's system info the opengl drawing is disabled. Would this be the problem and what can be done?