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    Flash Player 13


      For the program I need it's telling me to download Flash Player 13 but when I go to do that, it tells me that it's already integrated into Internet Explorer.

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          maria__ Adobe Employee



          I'm assuming your system is Windows 8 or newer as Microsoft embeds Flash Player in IE as of Windows 8,and all updates are distributed by Microsoft via Windows Update.  Due to this there is no way to install Flash Player 13 for IE on your system.  If the program you want to use supports the NPAPI plugin you can try installing the previous version and use Firefox or other NPAPI-supported browser.  Previous versions are posted at Archived Adobe Flash Player versions.  Please do NOT attempt to manually delete Flash Player for IE. Microsoft does not offer standalone installers for Flash Player for IE on Windows 8 and above. Doing so will mess up your system and most likely prevent you from installing Flash Player again short of re-installing the operating system.