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    indesign server cs6 10 seconds to delay


      之前使用flex+Indesign Server cs5.5 开发了一个针对indd文件的编辑器,使用的java调用Indesign Server cs5.5服务。后来编辑器需要升级为支持indd6文件的版本,由于Indesign Server cs6不再支持java语言,所以使用了JavaScript语言调用Indesign Server cs6服务。版本升级完成后,测试发现所有的功能都能实现,只是JavaScript在调用Indesign Server cs6时,会有10秒的延时时间。每一次调用,服务器都会等待10秒钟才执行,是什么原因呢?

      Indesign Server cs6是否存在相关的等待时间配置项呢?


      Hey everyone!


      Previously we used flex + Indesign Server cs5.5 to develop an editor for indd file, use the java call Indesign Server cs5.5 service. Later editors need to be upgraded to support indd6 file versions .As Indesign Server cs6 no longer  supported java language, so we used  the JavaScript language calling Indesign Server cs6 service. After the version upgrade is complete, the test found that all of the functions can be realized .only in the invocation Indesign Server cs6 JavaScript, there will be 10 seconds of delay time. Each call, the server will wait 10 seconds before execution, What is the reason for it?

      whether Indesign Server cs6  has a  associated configuration items  like waittime or not ?