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    M.2 for cache or media


      Hi Guys, in first im sorry for my english but i have hope,everyone can understand me. I need a little help.
      Now my machine looks like that :
      Camera : Sony A7SII@Atomos ninja assassin Prores 4K@422/HQ
      i7 5820@4,5 GHz
      Asus X99A
      48Gb Ram 2133
      1SSD Kingston hyperx 3K 240 - for os
      1SSD Samsung 840Evo 240 - for after/premiere cache
      1SSD Crucial mx200 240 - for media

      3x2TB Seagate HDD raid 0 - for large media

      Geforce 980Ti


      and today i buy one m.2 samsung 950Pro 512 , and i think for what can i use this disk.
      Better for media or cache ?