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    Can´t upload the oam-file to blog



      I created an infographic in Edge Animate. Then i generated the .oam-file (1,7MB) publishing it as an Animate Deployment-Package. But i can´t upload the file to the wordpress-blog. The error message: "Aborting, no file found that matches the main edge JS filename pattern. This is not a valid composition archive.“ 

      Use Adobe Edge OAM project files which are being generated when publishing the project with option "Animate Deployment Package"


      What went wrong?  Is the problem the Wordpress blog or my file?



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          Peter Villevoye Adobe Community Professional

          Does the WordPress installation on your server include the most recent plug-in to support OAM files ?

          A quick look at the WP website showed me there is an older one and a newer version, and some positive comments dating from August 2015, so that feels reassuring.

          WordPress › Support » WP Edge Animate OAM Renderer

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            friederikeo13854630 Level 1

            Hello Peter, thank you for your answer.. The wordpress plugin is edge suite.

            Now i found another way, searching in about 100 tutorials and wesites and with the help of the worpress-support-team


            (ok, here the description: sorry for the english and sorry im not a html-expert... just to give others an idea, who has the same problem)


            The support did upload the file to a simple page on the blog or ftp or whatever, but not as an oam- the hole html folder.

            Then they created an iframe inside the post.


            <iframe src= "http://www.example.com/" width="700“ height="500“ frameborder="no" scrolling="no"></center> </p>




            Now its looks great! For future projects i am thinking about another way. Or maybe creating once again with flash....

            Dont know yet.

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              Peter Villevoye Adobe Community Professional

              Adobe has been lobbying for the OAM file packaging format for complex parts to add to a website. You can imagine what will happen if we'd have to email or upload folders with loose files in it to ad agencies... Now an OAM is nothing more or less than a special kind of compressed ZIP of the folder, more strict in what's being compressed then a common zip (the OAM contains a manifest file, converting and describing the verified content of the folder in an almost identical XML structure and elements).


              However, the largest stakeholders and advisors in this ad business (like Google and the IAB) decided to stick with a simple ZIP. So the OAM is probably going to be exclusive for Adobe applications. Both creating and receiving software will also have to get used to processing simple ZIPs.