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    Mocha AE - Trouble pasting 3D rotation data

    Karl Fee



      I'm using Mocha AE (v4.0.2) to track some logos for replacement in AE (v13.6.1.6).


      I've tracked a logo in Mocha but when I try to paste the data to a 3D null object I am only getting some jittery Z rotation keyframes - no X or Y rotation keyframes.


      The position and scale keyframes paste across fine.


      Is this a known bug or anything?? Any help would be great.



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Mocha AE has no 3D tracking functions. Mocha is a Planar tracker. It tracks surfaces and how their perspective changes in 2D space. Your workflow is incorrect. If you want to track perspective changes and replace something like a logo in a shot you should be exporting corner pin data. There is no 3D data to paste. If you are getting jittery rotation then your track in Mocha is not accurate. It is useless to paste Mocha tracking data to a 3D layer because there is no 3D data.


          After Effects does have a Camera tracker that will extract 3D data from a scene and add a camera that closely matches the camera position and focal length that was used to create the shot. If the original camera has a lot of lens distortion typical of consumer cameras with wide angle lenses you need to fix that distortion before you use the Camera Tracker or the track will be inaccurate because AE's camera has no distortion.

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            Karl Fee Level 1

            Thanks Rick....yes I must have used the corner pin data the last time I tried this...sorry about that!


            Thanks for getting back,