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    Formatting for email sent to Outlook 2007 client

    Richard Mossman Level 1
      I'm sure you are aware of Microsoft's decision to start using the html parser from Word 2007 to display html emails in Outlook 2007. As with so many other developers, this is causing the emails I created with cfmail to fail.

      The basic fix is to (pretty well) stop using CSS and go back to tables. But, even at that, Word 2007 does not recognize many common tags. In my case, the "wrap" command doesn't work for any tag (such as "textarea") so all my fields will only stretch to the right until all the data is displayed. This means the client can not print out the form and see all the data.

      Can someone give me an idea how to cause data to wrap in a table or textarea field without the use of the "wrap" command? For example, one field can hold 100 characters but the field is only 40 characters long on the web page. For printing, the data would wrap and extend the field down the form to display all the data.

      I hate it when companies "improve" there products by making us take a step back in time.

      Thank you.