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    Drop shadow text effects rendering incorrectly on screen-Indesign CC 2015.2

    jan roose



      I'm experiencing weird on screen behavior of the drop shadow effect in Indesign CC 2015.2 ( Win X64)

      On a Dell M6800 laptop with a nVidia Quadra M5000 with most recent drivers.


      At initial use the shadows render in a predictive way. But at the first modification or adding drop shadow to another text object, the shadows render at random angles and sizes. In Normal mode or preview mode. Display performance Fast or slow.

      The final result in an exported PDF is ok, but it is visually very cumbersome to use consistent the drop shadows in a consistent way. Actually I loose a large amount of time by estimating the shadow parameters and then each time exporting the document to see if it fits what I had in mind.


      Another user signaled exactly the same problem with very speaking examples on the IndesignSecrets



      Anyone a suggestion for a workaround?

      Adobe Support: is this a bug of Indesign or specific GPU related?. I don't see how I can change how Indesign uses the GPU.



      Jan Roose

      Brussels Belgium