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    Problems with printing machine




      I work for a company which prints motifs on tins (metal cans/boxes). My job is to prepare those motifs, so that a machine can print them. Typically I get a template, which shows where the tins shall be positioned, and I repeat the motif for each of them. This however gets complicated, because many motifs require white paint underneath to look the way they should. Furthermore I have many instructions to follow in order to have it work:

      -The spots with white paint on them must have a color defined in Swatches. A CMYK color of white, spot color, specifically named "Spot 1"

      -The white areas must have "Overprint Fill" enabled

      -These white spots should be placed on TOP, above the motif


      However, regardless of that, whenever this worked or not seemed completely random. Then one person send me a document with instructions on how this would work. Normally I worked with Adobe Illustrator, but the instructions were made for Adobe InDesign. They were identical, except for 2 differences:

      1) In InDesign I had to define the shapes myself, I could not copy/paste them from Illustrator. I could use the motifs themselves as pdfs, but if I ever tried to take a motif and give it the color from the swatches, it turned into a rectangle. Hence I had to use shapes from InDesign

      2) The instructions also demanded "Spot 1" not to be defined as white, but rather Magenta (0,100,0,0 in CMYK)


      And no matter what, this always works, and people at the company tell me to use this method, HOWEVER I know for certain that not all assignments have simple white backgrounds which are rectangular, round or things like that. Some have very specific shapes, which I will never be able to replicate quickly in InDesign, hence I'd really prefer to work in Illustrator. I went to Illustrator and repeated all steps there, and even to make sure the results would be identical to the ones in Indesign, I went there, imported the file and click "Overprint Preview", which did show the motif in a magenta tint of color (which the instructions have said is  how it should be. It was indeed so, however when it was printed, it resulted in just that magenta tinted color.


      I am at my end. The company is mad at me for each failure, so I might as well use InDesign, but I must know where these problems come from. I want to know why the pdf files from InDesign don't cause problems, while the Illustrator ones do.


      And if truly InDesign has to be what I'll have to use, then I must know if there would be a way to import a custom vector shape that I could assign a color from the swatches, so that everything would work smooth?


      If instead Illustrator would be the place to do it, then why does the printer have such crazy problems????


      Thank you very much for your help!