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    want to make cartoon style animation...advice needed

    djmattyz Level 1

      i want to make some cartoon style animation

      as seen here (or better)

      wisco funding - YouTube


      i guess after effects would be a good way to animate it, but im wondering what is a good tool for creating the characters and the designs


      any advice?


      should i buy a drawing tablet?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          After Effects is a good tool for animation but you need animators drawing skills to create the characters and an understanding of AE's puppet pin and Character Animator tools. If you are successfully drawing digital characters in Photoshop or Illustrator without a tablet then you don't need one unless you want to learn how to use one. A tablet is not going to make magic things happen inside AE. You'll also need a good understanding of all of AE's basic tools. If you are brand new to AE this is going to take some time to learn. Depending on your skill level and patience there may be easier tools out there. You'll have to give us more details before we can give you some really good advice.

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            djmattyz Level 1

            thanks for the reply


            i should add that I'm fairly handy with a pencil , also I'm quite comfortable with after effects and photoshop


            i never heard of those plugins you mentioned so I'll have to look them up


            i never created any characters before on a computer , I wouldn't know Wher to start and how to get those natural looking curves that you get in cartoon style other than using a pencil ... So so that's why I think I may need to get a drawing pad. However I still don't know the workflow after that