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    Resource and Icon Editor Utility for Projectors

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      There have been a lot of problems with the D11 icon. Apparently, developers
      have been reporting issues with icon in Hot Fix 3 even though these issues were
      supposed to have been fixed... but they didn't address or fix other issues that
      were brought to their attention by myself. Anyways, I had created a utility as
      a hack-ish fix that could replace the default icon in the .skl file used in
      publishing a projector... I have since finished developing a utility that will
      work on a projector. It allows a developer to:

      1. Change the Version information in the resource:
      a) Fixed FileVersion and ProductVersion information
      b) String Version Information:
      - Company Name
      - Product Name
      - Product Version
      - Internal Name
      - Legal Copyright
      - Legal Trademarks
      - Original Filename
      - File Description
      - File Version

      2. Add a custom icon, including a proper Vista icon in the icon resource.

      This file can be downloaded here:

      *Note: do not add a custom icon during the publishing process if you're going
      to use the utility to add your custom icon properly (yes, D11 does mess up
      your custom icon during publishing).

      You can send me an email if you're having problems or have a good/bad comment
      about the utility: jchunick [at] gmail [dot] com

      Josh Chunick