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    Do I need a workflow upgrade or a Hardware update?


      I'm relatively new to After Effects CC and I'm unsure if I just need a better workflow in After Effects or better hardware. I made a 3 minute AE video/presentation where I have images appear, rotate, blur, and move on screen.I also had a voice over and the presentation was about 6 scenes. As the project grew, it began to take forever to make even minor edits. I would move one file a tiny bit, and I'd had have to wait upwards to a 2-4 minutes just so AE would load 5-10 seconds of footage. I know it's self explanatory that as a project grows, it will make the computer work harder, but I feel like it shouldn't be this bad....or is this really normal? I really don't know.


      A list of my hardware is here.


      I use the latest After Effects CC 2015


      List of things I've tried to improve performance

      • Tried the 3 Hard Drive approach. 1 drive(external) for Cache, 1 Drive for OS, 1 Drive(external) for Media Files. Don't feel like it did anything.
      • Increased Cache Size to 800GB. Don't feel like it did anything.
      • Render Previews in Quarter resolution. Helped somewhat, but still overall slow.
      • Increased RAM to program (15GB). Don't feel like it did anything.


      What I've heard COULD help

      I've heard SSD drives would help, but how much really? Is it worth the investing in? And how many do I need?


      Aside from that, I don't know what other hardware would help. Is my graphics card okay? Should I upgrade? Do I need more RAM? Or should I improve my workflow some how?

      Any and all advice would greatly be appreciated!