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    propblem with actionsript - can't get movie to play

      hi - I purchased a flash file of rain. I am using FlashCS3.

      It works perfectly in the files I downloaded. When I copy the frames into my existing animation it doesn't work unless its sitting in the scene 1 timeline. But I need it to stop and start at a specific point in the animation. Scene 1 has a movie clip of the full animation and a play/replay button.

      The components are in the library and I have copied the action script. I have tried the following.

      1. copy all the frames and layers and put on the timeline in the movieclip but it doesn't work at all not matter how I do it.

      2. created a movieclip of the rain and drag into onto the timeline on its own layer. It works if I choose 'test scene' and you only see the rain not the rest of the animation but not at all if I choose 'test movie'.

      can you help me at all. I am new to actionscript - a novice