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    Flash CS6 is not responsive and or crashes, anyone have a solution?



      I am taking an online class this semester and our class requires using the CS6 version of Flash.

      I just got off the phone with customer service and we were unable to fix the problem. Actually he was doing me a favor because apparently they do not provide service for CS6 Flash version and I was advised to post on the forums.

      I am using a IMAC late 2013, El Capitan. The CC version is working fine but my professor wants us to use the CS6 version I guess it has more features. I have been reading the forums and have tried uninstalling and updating but it still keeps crashing. I need to use the Deco tool for an upcoming assignment but it makes the program crash anyways, is this not offered in the latest version?

      Anyways, Flash is not responsive it takes forever to load and then I was advised to force quit but then when it actually opens up soon there after within a minute it crashes.


      Please help!!


      Student in need!!

      Thank you!