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    Referencing components in a peer directory

    smokeranch Level 1

      (disclaimer: I tried searching the forums before posting but the search appears broken at the moment)

      Is it possible to reference a custom component that is not in the same folder or a subfolder, but is in a peer folder? I have a Flex app that contains two sub folders: 'components' and 'flexlib'

      From my main application mxml file, if I want to reference a custom component in the 'flexlib' folder, I add a namespace declaration to the Application tag like this:

      However, what if I want to use the flexlib components from within files that are in my 'components' folder? Since flexlib is not a subdirectory of the components folder it does not work the same way. Do I have to make the flexlib folder a subdirectory of 'components'?

      Thanks for any help!