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    Premiere not following extension symlinks to network drives

    raphaelmatto14 Level 1

      hey Adobe folk,


      I'm developing an extension for Premiere that I like to locate on a shared network folder. If I place a symlink in the extensions folder that points to a path on my local disk, everything works great. So, for example, from this directory:


      /Users/[user]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions


      I create this symlink:


      my-extension -> /some/LOCAL/path/library/premiere/my-extension


      ... everything works great. But if I change that symlink to point to a network location:


      my-extension -> /some/NETWORK/path/library/premiere/my-extension


      Then the extension is not available in Premiere. Is there any reason you guys can think of that Premiere would prefer symlinks to local locations over symlinks to network locations?




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