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    Import Dialog fails


      Hi everybody

      My Lightroom import dialog has a fail. When I click on the import button or go to the import dialog by menu, my lightroom freezes. After I gess 2 min. the dialog shows up but it is also frozen. After a total of 10 minutes the Importer unfreezes and I can use it totaly without a lag. This Problem came after I've tried to import a .psd file from photoshop. Since then I tried nearly everything. I reinstalled Lightroom from the Creative Cloud Manager and from my DVD (I bought the normal Lighroom 6 Version NOT the CC). I updated all my drives from GPU over Motherboard including the BIOS and so on. Also my Windows is totaly up to date.
      I'm running Windows 8.1 x64 on a new Intel i7 6700 Quadcore. A msi Z170A PC Mate Motherboard with 16GB DDR4 RAM. GPU is a Radeon R9 290.


      I hope you can help me solving this problem thank you ;-)