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    Dynamic Link between 2014 and 2015 apps?


      I've been working with AE 2015 and the project was ready enough to bring into Premiere. I was excited to use Dynamic Link w the Ae file from within Premiere 2015 (latest updates) but I've realized that the Dynamic Linking is not very useful because of the sluggishness. So, I decided to render individual comps (Cineform AVI) and then just bring them into Premiere (the old fashioned way) as video rather than comps. In doing this, the render times from Ae2015 even using Media Encoder 2015 were kind of long and one "seemingly easy to render" comp kept maxing out my CPU. For that comp, after some troubleshooting, I found that when I turned off the Camera Lens Blur it started to render within a reasonable time (but I miss the that lens blur!) After more research, it sounds like 2015 versions aren't very stable and there are important features now removed (no more multicore?) or forthcoming. So I am thinking I'll now just work in AE 2014 because I'm really hoping that the Dynamic Linking will work better with the 2014 versions and because I've built my font using the AE templates, I need the DLinking to work. My questions are:


      If I have Pr2014 and 2015, Ae 2014 and Ae 2015, and Media Encoder 2014 and 2015 installed on my machine, how does Dynamic Link work in terms of versions? If I save an Ae 2014 project and open up Pr 2015 and dynamic link to the Ae 2014 proejct file, will it use the 2014 Ae engine or the 2015 Ae engine? Or do the 2014 apps only work with the other 2014 apps and same for 2015 apps? Or can they work from one year version to another depending on WHAT version your file was saved in? Because, I'd like to keep 2014 and 2015 versions on my computer but I'm not sure how dynamic link will talk? Maybe I need to remove the 2015 version of an app? Are the 2014 apps more stable? Better workflow?


      Thanks in advance for your help!



      i5 (quad)

      Win7, 64

      5 HDs (internal, eSata and USB3)



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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          If you've gotten the AE 2015 version to work (good luck with that), you can open the project file in the 2014 version for faster rendering.


          But no, there's no dynamic link between versions.  Sort of like there's no successful mating between animal species.  Besides, a rhino hooking up with a giraffe just sounds wrong.

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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I work in CC 2015, but render in CC 2014 with some frequency. AE CC 2014 opens files created in AE CC 2015 with no issues. In fact, it's a workflow that Adobe recommends until they bring multicore rendering into the new architecture.

            I know some people have had issues with CC 2015, but on my system the latest update (13.6.1) works really rather well. So, if it's working for you, great! Just try rendering in CC 2014 and see if it's faster. Double-check your memory and multiprocessing settings in CC 2014 first though.

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              digimik Level 1

              Thanks Dave and Szalam! Great stuff. Dave, I've seen your post here and elsewhere for a few years and I've learned a lot from you already. Thanks from a fan. ;-)


              Regarding my adventures today, I have been delaying a reply until I had a clear outcome. I had noticed some seriously long render times in AE2015 for a 3:30min file - and yes - it DOES have a lot of 3D, camera, blurs and effects going on for a client project. When I tried to render the full timeline via direct link in Pr or direct from Ae, after about an hour, my quadcore CPU would hit 100% and not budge. Rendering to AVI, I was able to get the first 2min usable anyway. Then I ended up rendering individual comps. When I came to a seemingly easy 10sec one, THAT one had the lens blur on and as soon as I turned it off, it rendered quickly. Nonetheless, after all this and some searching today, I decided to use the 2014 world until 2015 has more updates! I'm OK w my choice. I had rebuild in Pr2014 the work I did yesterday in Pr2015, but it wasn't too bad and now, I still have all the direct linking going on so I can more easily change a swish or a move or a few frames.


              Even so, I am now more curious about direct link and video previews settings. I'm paying more attention. So I have a few more questions (assuming you're still reading!):

              1. In Ae, I mostly have PSD layers and some MOV files - what should my sequence settings, specifically video previews in Pr sequence settings be set at?
              2. Instead of being full1080, should I just use a smaller frame (like 800x450) for quicker editing on the timeline?
              3. And is there a codec or container that seems to be a good combo for editing? If so, please give me full settings as they can be confusing. (I have a PC.) I've been checking out the Cineform AVI today. I'm not noticing a big difference in going from 1080 down to 400 (just for editing.) And then I figure I can render to a final format and full 1080 of course.
              4. I know that if use the format in Video Previews that I will render too, then that is Smart Rendering but again, WHAT settings should I use (CODEC and container) if I'm using mostly Ae comps on the Pr timeline?
              5. I'm confused with containers and CODECs and settings. If I use h264 (CODEC), 800width, low quality (SETTINGS) in the video preview settings for faster editing use, but then set my mastering render to h264 (CODEC), high quality and 1080 (SETTINGS), will the master render use any of the video previews or are they irrelevant because the SETTINGS were different? Or are settings not important and what is regarded is the container and the CODEC and the master CAN take advantage of the editing renders even though the settings are not the same? Does that make sense?  It's hard for me to ask that question properly over text.

              Thanks for any help!

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                digimik Level 1

                OK. For those Ae Comps that are Premiere's timeline as a Direct Link - so far, I found these settings to be the fastest. I assume that when I render my master, these settings won't matter and I just don't check the "Use Preview Files." Correct?