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    Is there a way to export a screenshot of Unnamed People on the Library|People(O) view?


      I'm trying to organize the collection of 73K photographs used by a nonprofit organization.  This collection includes many photos of people.  I'd like to identify, and attach names to, the photos of people of particular interest (politicians, organization's management and staff, etc.) to the organization's marketing department.

      Lightroom's facial recognition technology does a good job selecting photos with faces and a reasonable job tagging the faces with confirmed names.  

      The organization is quite large and fractured among disconnected departments.  Getting people with institutional knowledge togeather to identify the unconfirmed names is not practical.   I'd like to place these unconfirmed, face photos on the organization's internal website so people throughout the organization can help with the identification process.  Essentially, I'd like to make a web page of the Library|People (O) view.  This is where I am stuck.

      I can not figure out how to export the face portion only nor have I been able to locate an add-in that would help.  Any ideas?