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    Button Text options

      Okay I have been working on C3 for 2 months. Subscribed to Lynda.com...ran tutorials checked every help link. The Fireworks Help function stinks. Editing button symbols, here's what you get when you querie button text.

      "Fireworks button symbols are a special kind of symbol. They have two kinds of properties: some properties change in all instances when you edit an instance of the symbol, and other properties affect only the current instance. Here's what you get when you querie button text.
      Fireworks button symbols let you take advantage of the convenience of symbols yet allow you to edit certain properties of a button instance, such as text, without affecting other instances."

      Just fabulous, really.....How? Adobe tells me that it can be done.....just not how.
      I import a 3 position button from the library. I use the 9 slice tool to set the button size, enter the text in the properties box. Tried to change the font, style or even use the fonts in the styles tab....no luck. I'm just
      trying to make a few buttons for a web page, why is it soo hard? Why does the help link not walk you
      through the process? Nothing in Lynda.com tutorial.