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    Migrating project from FlashDevelop to Flash Builder

    joseg24323683 Level 1

      I am currently migrating my Flash Develop project to Flash builder due to not being able to debug AIR for desktop application in Flash Develop. I got most of it working but the debugging part. I migrated successfully and am able to build from Flash builder to my .fla file. It did create a .as file in my directory name exactly as my folder for the project. I was able to point it to the correct document class in the directory with no issues by editing the .actionScriptProperties file in the directory. Now when I try to debug a popup window comes up saying launch failed:




      Does anybody know where I can edit this configuration? Again MGT.as is no longer in the directory since it was the file that Flash Builder put there for me. I want to point it to a different class. Is this possible? Thanks in advanced for any replies.