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    Exporting ebook from InDesign CC 2015 to epub for App Store




      We want to issue an eBook and distribute it through Apple Store. This ebook is a fixed layout one made in Indesign CC 2015.
      It is photo-rich and contains a lot of graphical elements like masks, shadows and different fonts. (An example page with all effects is presented in the attachment).


      We have an issue that when we export it from ID to EPUB 3.0 format, it looses a lot of formatting. Therefore we would like to ask you for advices.



      1. What are the procedures concerning publishing such an ebook, especially in relation to epub v3.0 format with rich graphics.


      2. Would it be a good idea to flatten all of the elements in the pages to JPEGs so that we are sure there's no problem with formatting and effects when seen on user's screen.


      3. Are there any compatibility and performance differences between an EPUB 3.0 ebook exported from ID CC 2015 and an ebook published by iAuthor v2.4?

      Which of the two options would be better choice?