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    Has anyone had an issue with an IDCC2015 idml file stripping out text?


      This is a large document file (novel) that was created in IDCC2014, opened/saved in CC2015 when I transferred the book to a new computer running OS X El Cap. When packaged for the printer (who doesn't have CC2015 and used the idml file), the printer noticed that the text reflowed because it didn't match the accompanying pdf file provided for comparison. Not just a paragraph breaking differently. It actually stripped out a question mark and a hard return at the end of the last paragraph of text in a chapter which caused that paragraph of text to run in with the Part Opener number (larger type that followed on the next right-hand page) and applied the Part Opener number style to the paragraph of text. I also had InDesign CC convert the file from CC2015 back to CC2014 and the exact same thing happened.