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    Colors become too bright and washed out after render


      Hi, so I'm new to AE and Motion Graphics, and I am currently making a youtube video using simple motion graphics. My process is as follows:

      To save time and not have to constantly be rendering out my animation, after about every 10 seconds I render a quicktime mov and just re-import it back into my composition. However, after doing this about four times, I wanted to combine my four quicktime renders into one quicktime video. So I figured I would import the four into a new composition and render it out, but when I did, all the colors became way overly bright and washed out. Not sure what is happening. I am using Quicktime with a MPEG - 4 Video Codec and also have millions of colors selected but Im not sure if that means anything. Again, Im new to this so this is all just jibberish to me but any help with proper specs for getting my colors to render normal would be great! Also if anyone has any experience with rendering simple motion graphic animations, any advice would also be great!