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    Animating buttons - hidden after animate but still clickable

    Dan J Williams Level 1

      I have a document with buttons that I use as a 'popup' (like on a website) so it sits over content then can be closed on click.

      This works very well with 'show/hide buttons & forms' but I've been hoping to add a little animation to jazz up the ePub.


      Replicating this with animation is fairly simple, I have a button and a popup (also an InDesign button). The popup has a fly-in from left animation and is set to 'Hide until animated'. The pop-up is also a button so I've set it to reverse the same animation when you click on it to close. Works very well and looks great except after one cycle, the 'popup' still remains clickable even though it is not visible (after the close animation). The button still seems to remain active and clickable after the reverse animation sequence.


      Make sense?

      Is this behaviour typical?

      Any alternative suggestions so the button is properly hidden after the reverse animation?