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    Is there a 1-click solution to remapping photos in LR6 that have moved across multiple hard drives?

    CaufEBean Level 1

      I had a crash on my computer.

      Fortunately I had backups of all my photos: YEAH!

      Unfortunately I wasn't really good about how I stored them and where.  In short, good back up habits; bad backup file management. - BOO!


      I have created a copy of all my backups to one folder tree now and am ready to match the photos that are stored in LR (but file can't be found).


      I have found that if I search for a file and locate that file and click on the find nearby files it will find "some" and map them.  But what I don't see is a way to do this once for all photos already in LR - a one click, find them all, wizard of sorts.


      Thanks for any suggestions.