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    Trying to Clarify TOUs


      Hi, I am trying to determine if the stock photos can be used for several things?

      1)Product Covers

      • Downloadable Secured PDF Files
      • Images are Layered with Text and other elements prior to securing the file

      2)Illustrations in secured digital PDF products

      • Within the content of downloadable secured PDF files
      • Images are illustrations for text and are a part of the product, not the product themselves

      3)As background images under text in illustrations for my blog and social media

      • I create images to illustrate my blog posts. I overlay the pictures with a question or title for my blog post.
      • Those images are then used to share the post on social media.
      • The images are watermarked with my logo.

      Can you please confirm that these are acceptable uses with the standard license? I want to make sure that I am abiding by the TOUs prior to starting my project. Thanks!