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    2 questions. I bought the dvd of Lightroom 6, installed it, but it says it's just a trial. No, I paid about $150 for it. Second, I can't see ANY of my 3,000+ photos! It says there are over 3,000 and even identifies the names of some. But I just see blank


      Hmmm. Well, I just typed my question, but will elaborate here. I bought Lightroom 6, got the DVD by mail, installed it. When I open it, it identifies itself as a 30-day trial. It shows my photos at the left: 3,368 photos, 640 in 2013, 29 on 5 August 2013, and so on. But I can't SEE any photos at all. Why? I can see the 12 photos under "All Synced Photographs" -- from China trip shot with Nikon, Florida Everglades trip shot with iPhone, 2 shots of friends with iPhone. Where did this collection come from? Why only 12? Where are the other 3,356?? My e-mail address is <<Been Removed by MOD>> and I'd appreciate your writing me there. I just bought Lightroom because Apple has stopped supporting Aperture. I have my photos, it seems, both in the Aperture library and in iCloud. Haven't a clue how to transfer them to Lightroom -- the photos, not just the note that there are -- somewhere -- 3,368 of them. What on earth am I doing wrong here? Why isn't this easy and intuitive?