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    RealBezier-> Divide works incorrectly

    tomr11694738 Level 1

      What I'm tryin to do is to divide  a path into 2 equal parts using RealBezier methods.


      That's a sample code:

      AIRealBezier b0, b1, b2;

      error = sAIPath-> GetPathBezier (path, 0, &b0);

      sAIRealBezierSuite-> Divide (&b0, 0.5, &b1,&b2); // t=0.5, gonna divide in half


      Then I assign bezier control points to segments like this:

      segment.p.h = b1.p0.h;

      segment.p.v = b1.p0.v;

      //and so on


      OK, looks good. Works fine with straight lines and symmetrical segments.

      BUT! If there's difference in length of handles (I mean 1st handle is huge, 2nd - tiny), result turns out to be incorrrect (parts are obviously not equal).

      Though it produces smooth result which means that "assigning bezier control points to segments" is done  in a right way.


      Is it normal behaviour of RealBezier Divide?

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          JLGJeanLouis Level 1

          I think that the divide function works correctly.


          //To divide the curve in two equal parts, I first find the length of the bezier segment.

          AIRealBezier b0, b1;


          error=sAIPath->GetPahtBezier(path, 0, &b0);

          LengthOfTheBezierSegment=sAIBezier->Length(&b0, 1.0);

          //I use this length to find the good value of t.

          //LengthOfTheBezierSegment*0.5 is to have the middle of the bezier segment.

          error=sAIBezier->TAtLength(&b0, LengthOfTheBezierSegment, LengthOfTheBezierSegment*0.5, 1.0, &t);