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    Data merging

    twigs and figs

      Hi there, can anyone help me? I am trying to create place cards in alternate colours using data merge from a .csv spreadsheet.

      I have made a pink version and a teal version of the cards and just want it to alternate between them as it inputs records. How do i set the document up to do this? I guess it is something to do with how the master pages etc are set up but i dont understand it well enough to fix.

      I have managed to get it to do more than one record per page but it is doing a pink and teal one for each person and I cant fathom how to sort it. Also, it is only printing 4 on each page even though there is room for 6.

      You can see the document here:


      Can you help?

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          SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You won't be able to do the alternating colors with Data Merge alone. It just doesn't work that way. You have to start with only one record in your template, and that one record will be repeated. Every instance of the data that shows on the template will populate from one record.  

          This may be scriptable, but for just 10 pages of cards, your easiest bet would be to create paragraph and object styles,and go through and apply them to alternate text blocks and color boxes.


          For the layout, you would need to adjust the margins in your Multiple Record Layout to allow all six sets on the page.

          Screenshot 2016-01-21 08.49.25.png