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    How do you maintain styles created in InCopy without overwriting them in InDesign


      I'm a designer and work in InDesign. I work with copywriters who work in InCopy. The CW will create a file in the same text area width as what's indicated in the art so they can write to the correct size. When I link their copy, some of their styling gets overwritten. For example, we don't use hyphenations...so the CW removes them when they write, and then when I link in ID, they reappear. I then have to turn hyphenations off again. When I do so, their page width reverts back to the default width. This is an issue for us because we have multiple versions of the copy that need to fit in the same art space. When one version is a different width than the others, it confuses our proofreaders and outside vendors who are managing these files. Any idea on how to maintain the styles and text area width created in InCopy?