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    Ghost objects appearing/unable to delete in AE

    geofftechUK Level 1

      What the hell have adobe done to the latest version of AE? I've been having this problem a lot since the latest upgrade.


      I'll quite often CTRL-Z to skip back something i did i don't like, quite a few times in fact and i've seen two things.  1) things appear in the preview that AREN'T IN MY TIMELINE (see screenshot), and 2) an effect that i applied gets shown in the preview, but doesn't get show when it gets rendered our.


      i suspect this is a preview-bug, something which has changed since there's no longer a "RAM Preview", and i hate the fact that it carries on previewing,whereas it didn't before. Anyway of changing this?  But mainly, i'd like to know why things i've undone remain on screen, when they're not in my time line ...


      (Screenshot: I've eyeballed everything OF, so WHERE is that text being generated from on the right? yes i put it in, but then 'undid' it.  except AE still thinks it's there!)