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    Migrating Library from Aperture 3.6 to Lightroom 6-How To?


      Just installed Lightroom 6.7 onto Mac Book Pro.

      Longtime (NOVICE level to both apps) user of Aperture 3.6.

      I understand there might be issues when moving my RAW Libraries from Aperture into LR6 ??

      My goal is to move away from Aperture and into LR6 with all my NEF's and their "versions" I have edited.

      I hope to use an external HD-4TB via WIFI(through Time Capsule ) to keep all LR catalogs stored.

      Thank you in advance for your help.

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          tkr66 Level 1

          Thank You so much. I will go there now. I will let you know asap.

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            robgendreau Level 3

            I wouldn't recommend storing the Lr CATALOG on that wifi drive. The catalog itself (as opposed to photos referenced by the catalog) should be stored on the computer's internal drive or external drive connected directly (by USB or Thunderbolt).


            This is often a point of confusion for Aperture users. Aperture can store the actual photos themselves in it's library; that's called a managed library (it's really a special folder called a package that you normally can't access directly like other folders). Lr does NOT do that; its catalog stores only references, or pointers, to photos, and that's called a referenced catalog. Aperture can do a referenced library too, but not by default.


            This means that in Lr the catalog is separate from the photos it references. So if you have tens of thousands of images those images can be stored somewhere else and only the much much smaller catalog has to be on your laptop. You can use Lr to reference images on the laptop too, or an exteral hard drive, etc. Lr leverages that to be able to use just previews of say those NEFs to work on, even if the NEF is currently unavailable, or even via Lr Mobile to say an iPad.


            This means that if you do have a managed Aperture library, Lr has to copy out all those images inside that special sorta inaccessible library to a place in regular Finder folders where it can reference them. Once referenced, the Finder folders show up in Lr's folder list.


            Another tool you might look at is Aperture Exporter. Unlike Lr's importer, it works on the Aperture end, and has some benefits over the importer.

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              tkr66 Level 1

              Thank You so much. I then plan to buy an external drive and dedicate it

              exclusively to LR Catalog.


              I am also trying to open in Finder-each ap.library. Then control click it

              in finder to reveal "SHOW PACKAGE CONTENTS". From their I was told to

              Select all, then copy. From there I would make a desktop folder labeled for

              that ap.library and paste into that. From there I open LR6 and import that

              desktop folder into my LR catalog. This way I was assured of including my

              edited versions from APERTURE as well.

              How does this sound to you?? I have experimented with a small library...and

              it moved into LR catalog. I am not versed enough yet to see if everything

              (NEFs and Versions were all loaded. Still need to study that.

              Again thank you for your time. The information I got from calling Adobe

              support. I understand there will be some time before Adobe can write the

              software to capture versions and NEFs. I could wait for that if it would be

              safer for a rookie like me...?? I will import new NEFs from camera into LR

              however and begin to learn from there. Meanwhile I am reading all I can

              find from your support page !! Thank You for that too.


              Tom R.


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                robgendreau Level 3

                That isn't such a hot idea IMHO.


                Here's the overall big problemo: Lr (and anything else but Apple's photo applications) cannot decipher Aperture image adjustments, and by adjustments I mean stuff like cropping, B&W, white balance, etc etc. Info in standardized metadata (like IPTC, exif, and XMP tags like keywords, title, description, copyright can be transferred (but not all; ratings, flags, labels are a "no go"). Lr and Aperture are PIEs: parametric image editors. They store instructions or parameters about how to adjust an image, not a changed image itself. That changed image (cropped, turned to B&W, etc) isn't created as a file until it's EXPORTED as a new file, like from mom.nef to B&W mom.TIFF. So the instructions are like WB+343naf in one application and 89     908wf/WB in another for white balance. Neither knows what the other means by a "6" for say contrast.


                Aperture and Lr do, however, store previews of the adjustments. Sorta like how your camera stores a preview of your NEF files. If they didn't do that, we'd have nothing to look at in the playback on the camera, or to show in the grids in the applications. These are often lower resolution images, built for speed.


                So back to that package. It stores the originals/masters, like mom.NEF. And bunches of previews, basically mom.jpg but named something more obscure often (and there might be several, since you might have made several versions of mom.NEF). And thumbnails too. Upshot: the MOST you could copy out would be the original/masters, with no adjustments, and the previews. Which would then be like exports. So you'd get mom.NEF in color as it came out of the camera, and mom.jpeg in B&W, which, since it isn't a RAW, wouldn't allow you to change it "back" to color.


                I'd strongly recommend you look at Aperture Exporter. It would export out your originals to a folder in the Finder where Lr could then import those images. It also will write the IPTC/exif/XMP stuff like keywords to those originals, and Lr can import that. And it will organize those in a folder structure that will mimic what you had as Projects/folders/albums into folders/collections/collection sets in Lr. It also sets Aperture to make high quailty previews and then exports those as well. Sure, it isn't a parameter for parameter seque, but at a minimum it will show you what you wanted in that photo in Aperture, like mom in B&W. You could either just continue to use mom.jpg, or use Lr to create a new, and better B&W mom.jpg. I doubt that anyone going forward will create anything that reads Aperture parameters; its dead software.


                Try the Exporter demo. And another tip: it helps to use that IPTC metadata as much as possible in Aperture before exporting. Hierarchical keywords can function just the same as hierarchical folders or projects/albums in terms of organization, eg. Translate ratings to keywords, and picks too. And be aware that with referencing it's possible for Aperture and Lr to reference the same files; just be careful not to create conflicts by editing in both. But there's no reason to stop using Aperture, especially if you have to go back to some photo you did a lot of work on. They can work side by side.

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                  thank you, robgendreau    that was important information which i needed.    i'll put lightroom's referenced catalogue on my laptop & leave the photos on an external drive (>5TBs)

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                    tkr66 Level 1

                    Thank you so much for the great advice, and for the quick response.

                    This is the first time I have asked for help. I know how important time is and how hard it is to come by.

                    To spend your time and expertise on my issue means a great deal to me.

                    I plan to get the APERTURE EXPORTER to work with.

                    I feel you have answered my question.

                    Your advice for me to continue using Aperture along with LR6 is an option I hadn't considered. This makes perfect sense! I was lost in the weeds before this!

                    Using both will not be a problem. Over time learning LR6 I will find the confidence to move my favorites out of Aperture.

                    For now I have plenty of new work in camera to begin importing into the LR6 as I quit loading into Aperture when iPhoto took over Aperture.

                    Thanks again.

                    Hope I can pay this forward some day.