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    I just bought this for $21.00 to download a PDF to a Open Office file, so I can use it in a newsletter. Apparently, I don't know what I bought and seem to be cuaght in a loop. so


      What I have bought? so how do I find out,

      2. What it does and why will it not do a simple conversion to a word file, frankly it seems like a rip off

      3. Why is it so complicated and any thing you want to find out ends in a stupid loop. What is a "cloud for Acrobat"

      4. How to get my money back so I can tell everyone in the club that using Acrobat something is to complicated and let some one else be the newsletter person.

      Feel free you Acrobat staff or Pirates to call me, My number can be found some place in Acrobat, or the cloud or at my Blog or at Yahoo