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    Need Help with a Light Effect


      So I'm trying to create a effect similar to the Knight Rider's car light. Instead of multiple lights in the middle glowing. I just want a single light to move back and forth with a tail glow, trailing and fading behind it.


      I already have the motion of it and the trail effect some what. But it doesn't really nail the look of a light.



      What I have so far : Alarm Light Anim - YouTube




      So I was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers and/or point me in the right direction of what effects/presets I could use to really make it look like a bright, glowing and flashing yellow light.


      So far I've just animated a Null object back and forth with a CC Particle Systems II attached to it. With a 0 gravity, Directional Animation and I keyed the Direction to flip sides when it changes direction.

      Any videos or guides would be awesome. Haven't had much luck so far looking online for something this specific.



      Thanks a ton!




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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I can't see your example video due to restrictions on the network where I work. (Do you have the rating set for the video?)

          Do you have Trapcode Particular? It's a third-party particle effect that might give you a bit more control.

          Although, this might be easier to do with Vegas on a mask rather than any particle system. (Effect>Generate>Vegas)

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            KJBock Level 1

            Sorry I had it set to Private. Should be able to view it now.


            No, I don't have any 3rd party apps.


            I'll look in to the Vegas effect though. When you say "on a mask." What do you mean exactly?

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Vegas can be applied to a channel (such as alpha) or a mask. So you'd make a mask for it to travel on. You can have it taper and everything. You can add other effects like Glow or use multiple copies of your Vegas layer (using the copy with property links option) and just change a few parameters with some screen or add blending modes to get a really nice glowing look.


              More info here: Generate effects in After Effects