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    Ampersand problems

    j*davis Level 1
      Hi all,

      I use RH 7.02.0001 to produce HTML help. I have five topics that describe a T&M report. I know not to use charcters in the file name so all of them have TM_whatever. I did, however, use the & in the topic title, TOC and index. If I search for T&M in the CHM file I see T? report, and while the index keyword shows T&M, the Topics Found box that appears after I double click it shows T? report. I also use navigation controls for related topics popups. Here T&M does appear, but I have also seen T&&M, T&&&M and T&&&&&M.

      Anybody have any suggestions as to how I get T&M to appear in all instances?

      Thanks for you help,

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          darkagn Level 1
          Hi Jennifer,

          Not sure if this has to do with your issue, but the ampersand character is a reserved character in HTML. I would suggest finding each & in your topics, switching to HTML view and replacing them with the following:


          That may solve your problems with topic title and other areas of your topics, but I'm not sure if you can edit in HTML in the TOC or index. Maybe try just changing one in the TOC and see how this goes?

          As I said, not sure if it will help, but give it a try.