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    reistallare Adobe Premiere Elements 12 e Photoshop Elements 12


      Per cambio del sistema operativo in 2 miei PC ho dovuto procedere alla nuova istallazione dei prg di cui sopra ma tale procedura mi è negata , che faccio distruggo i CD del programma o , come spero, Adobe o qualche gentile utente possa venirmi  in  aiuto, nel ringraziarVi della cortese risposta cordialmente saluto, Norberto

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          I am not sure of your question in the translation, but if you need free installation files for Windows or Mac Premiere Elements 12 or Photoshop Elements 12, please go to the Adobe Other Downloads at the following link

          Other downloads

          to use those files with your purchased serial number.


          Remember that Adobe allows you to have the purchased activated serial number on no more than 2 of your computers. And, then you are not supposed to use them both at the same time.


          When you go to install the program on your new computer and if are told to "deactivate" the old installation before the new, then

          a. In the opened Premiere Elements 12 project, go to Help Menu/Sign Out to deactivate. Close out of there.

          b. Then install your program on the new computer. It is your decision whether or not you want to uninstall the deactivated program on the old computer. The important part is the deactivation there.


          Please let me know if I have answered your question. If not, please give more details and/or explain.


          Thank you.