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    How about a photo game?

    floramc Adobe Community Professional

      Hi creatives!


      I am planning to start some creative games here. Soon there will be an Illustrator game and a Photoshop game.


      Before them, who are quite specific, I want to try with a game that is very popular among my photo students intermediate level. Now, it is not a hard game on the photographic level. Anybody can participate. I use to take this with the intermediate as some students find the "context" challenge ... well, challenging


      OK, What's this buzz about?


      When you were a kid, din't you play an association play - something like a person said a word (let's say WINDOW) and you had to tell the first thing that it brought to your mind (let's say: GLASS)?




      Well, how about doing that with pictures?


      So all those who can post pictures, I start with one picture, you look at it and you post a picture that has a connection with mine. You DO NOT need to say what connection that is. It's the fun in the game. We use it to develop creativity through unrevealed association. No words at all are required. Let the visual communication do the work for you. You CAN'T DO WRONG


      I did that when I studied photography at university in Malmö and loved it, all my students love it - chances the creatives worldwide might find this playful and funny?


      How does this work?


      Smoothly I send a picture. Somebody sends an association in another picture. Example: I send a picture of a cat, another creative replies with a dog. A third creative jumps in and checks the last posted reply. A dog? Mmmh, reminds me of my granny's house in Colorado - and sends a picture of Colorado. A fourth creative pass by, sees colorado and thinks, oh I prefer the sea, and sends a picture from Malibu... get it? The picture MUST BE YOURS - and yes it can be edited, photoshopped, montage, set your creativity free BUT USE YOUR OWN MATERIAL, no stock either, and please no nudity, no offensive pictures, no racism and all that jazz.


      Just use association. a) What you see, b) what it makes you think of, c) tell it with a picture


      Good then let's start the game. Here's the first picture - remember, your reply must go to the latest answer.