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    tagging troubleshooting question: path code in container

    Minka316 Level 1



      I have a PDF document that was created in MSWord.  My level 4 headings are underlined. When I export the file to Adobe PDF, I noticed that for that heading's tag, the word "Path" appears after the text in the heading.  This is how it appears:


      ...(container icon) Heading Text: Path


      In the example the heading is "Technical Support"; therefore the code looks like this:



           (container icon) Technical Support: Path


      My understanding is that "Path" is there because adobe interpreted this to mean this is a link of some kind. Do I need to remove the word "Path"; if yes, how do I do that?  Do I delete this tag and recreate it? OR does it matter?  Can I leave the word "Path"?


      Thank you.