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    Adobepresenter.com addin is incompatible with Data Execution Prevention mode


      I am using Windows 10, PowerPoint 2013 (32 bit) and Adobe Presenter 11.  Powerpoint keeps crashing while I'm using Adobe Presenter.  The error message I get is "Powerpoint experienced a serious problem with the 'adobepresenter.comaddin" add-in.   This add-in is incompatible with Data Execution Prevention mode and should be disabled or upgraded to the latest version."


      I can't find any way to disable "Data Execution Prevention" in Powerpoint 2013.  Evidently, Microsoft decided to stop you from doing this.


      When I called Adobe support - the gentleman I spoke to said that he hadn't heard of this error -- his only recommendation was that if I was going to add audio to a PowerPoint presentation using Adobe Presenter, that I needed to make sure that I was saving the file to my computer and not to a flash drive.


      Does anyone have any suggestions?  I'm having to re-record my work over an over again because of the crashes.